Geuka Amusa, aka Coach G

About the Founder: Geuka Amusa

Geuka Amusa is a relationship coach who specializes in helping couples and singles gain clarity around the things that thrill and kill their relationships.  He believes that social structures often pit us against one another in relationships.  The reality is, the common ground yields more fruit than the battlefield.

You might be wondering how he got here exactly.  He spent 20 years in the information technology industry as a Technology Consultant and Web Director; working for Fortune 50 companies like AT&T and IBM, as well as non profit leader Goodwill Industries International.  That promising technical career was interrupted when his personal life took a course altering turn.  In 2008, he and his wife of nine years ended their marriage and he found himself in a state of depression.  When he emerged from this depth, he was a changed man and discovered his passion for helping people emerge from the depths in their relationships.

Geuka, affectionately nicknamed Coach G by his clients, believes that relationships are essential to who we are as human beings. When we transform the way people relate to one another, we transform families, communities and nations.