Episode 5: How Do I Make Difficult Conversations . . . Easier?

Episode 5: How Do I Make Difficult Conversations . . . Easier?

We’ve all had difficult conversations with someone we love and frankly, it’s a normal part of two unique people relating to one another.  As much as we might want to eliminate difficult conversation from our interactions with loved ones, they’re kind of a design feature.  I am Me, You’re You and therefore “We” has some level of complexity.

The real trouble isn’t that these tough moments happen, but that we’re not always prepared for the challenge they present.  Difficult conversations often have their origins in the things people disagree about.  Doesn’t really matter what it’s about, the underlying emotions usually steer the ship off course.

Check out this week’s episode to learn how to be ready for those difficult conversations and how to ensure they don’t end up being poison for your relationship.

Now that you’ve seen this week’s episode, I’d love to hear how the Difficult Conversations Framework has worked for you.  Plus, share any other strategies you’ve used to make having difficult conversations easier.

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