Click to Watch Episode 11 - How important is it to be in love?!

Episode 11: How Important Is It To Be In Love?

Is being in love really a big deal??

The definitive, absolute, concrete answer to that question is . . . maybe. :)

Love is one of the most fascinating and puzzling aspects of the human experience. Poets, artists and ordinary people alike, have been trying to make sense of it since the beginning of time. There are countless studies & anecdotes that convey love’s importance, but what is it that makes it so crucial?

In this episode we’ll cover:

  1. The two types of relationships that help you decide the importance of being in love.
  2. What being in love is REALLY about.
  3. How to get more of that “in love” feeling (if that’s what you want).

Click here to view a Pew Research Center Study on the importance of love (for men and women) when considering marriage.

Take care of each other alright!

Coach G

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