Episode 6: How Striving For Perfection, Won't Make It Better

Episode 6: How Striving For Perfection, Won’t Make It Better

Striving for perfection in your relationship seems like a reasonable thing to do.  After all, if you fall short, at least you were moving in the “right” direction . . . right?

  • Can I find the perfect mate?
  • Can I build the perfect life?
  • Maybe I can refine that one with potential . . . then things will be perfect!
  • Can I be perfect?

Well the thing about perfectionism is that it’s a symptom of something more sinister and might actually make your relationship much WORSE.  Did you know that there’s a single fear at the root of all perfectionism?  This insidious little sucker robs your relationship of something so fundamental and precious.

This week’s episode features two ways to break out of the perfection cycle that’s preventing your partner from being with the REAL you.

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