Click to Watch Episode 8 - Wanna meet the BEST relationship guru ever?!?

Episode 8: Wanna Meet The BEST Relationship Guru Ever?

Picture in your mind a 1 year old child learning to walk.  They pull themselves up and then they fall.  They pull themselves up again and sure enough they fall down once more.  This process goes on for a while, but eventually they get better at standing.  Then they get better at taking a few steps before falling down again.  No shocker, they ultimately learn how to walk.

Now I want you to imagine that same child, trying to learn to walk and deciding that she can’t walk since she fell down.  You know that this walking thing just wasn’t for her!  Pretty ridiculous ehh?

Children have an innate understanding of things . . . a knowing of what’s possible and of how to get there.  They also understand some foundational aspects of relating to other human beings that we adults just suck at!

In this episode we’re going to explore what these relationship gurus have to teach us about this thing we call love.

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