Episode 3: Say WHAT Now?!

Episode 3: Say WHAT Now?!

Communication challenges are some of the biggest that relationships regularly face.  People from all over the world cite a lack of communication as one of the most common reasons their relationships don’t work out.  It’s one of the top reasons that marriages fail.

You could honestly link poor communication to many of the problems in society at large.  But let’s get back to you . . .

Do you make this classic mistake that might be sabotaging your relationship?

Check out this week’s episode to learn about a tip that will increase the effectiveness of your communication and reduce the number of random arguments you and your partner will have.

Here are a few “WHY”  to  ”What” examples you might find useful:

WHY Version:

  1. WHY are you feeling that way?
  2. WHY did you do that?
  3. WHY do you want that?

WHAT Reframes:

  1. WHAT are you feeling right now?  OR  WHAT is that feeling based on?
  2. WHAT REASON did you make that choice?
  3. WHAT do you want?

What kind of difference has using WHAT made in your relationships?

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