Click to Watch Episode 13 - The Art of Letting Go

Episode 13: The Art of Letting Go

Ever had a meaningful relationship come to an end? It just sucks doesn’t it?! It’s like you’re in a 50 car pile up and the emotional impacts just keep hitting you.

The terrible part is that it feels like this turmoil is gonna go on forever. Fortunately there’s an off ramp we can cruise to a smoother “getting over it all”.  It’s called: The Art of Letting Go.

Letting go ultimately boils down to making a choice between holding on to what was and reaching for what is. However, knowing that we have that choice doesn’t necessarily equip us to make it.

In this episode we’ll cover:

  1. How to make that choice
  2. The three KEYS you need to maximize the Art of Letting Go

Take care of each other alright!

Coach G

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